Detroit’s iconic fist is getting an overhaul.

On Wednesday, contractors were setting up to make updates to the Joe Louis Monument on Woodward and Jefferson. To put it short, it’s getting a new paint job and they are replacing cables to maintain its look and stability.

DIA’s Director of conservation, John Steel, said maintenance is required every decade or so to preserve the sculpture. Last time they updated it was in 2002.

Heres a few bullets that you can pass off as your own knowledge when you show people around the city:

– It was dedicated by Sports Illustrated Magazine on October 16, 1986
– It’s creator was the famed Mexican-American Sculptor, Robert Graham, a painter and a sculptor. Click here for more of his work (
– The sculpture is estimated to be worth between one to two million dollars.
– The Monument is 24 feet long and weighs 4 tons.

Take some pics of the redone monument and share it with us!