Whoever decided that being passive-aggressive doesn’t get anything done, clearly hasn’t met the ingenious residents of one Detroit neighborhood. After several years of dealing with and avoiding what could reasonably be considered a small canyon in their street, neighbors decided to have some fun with the massive hole left unfilled and unattended by the city.

Roughly three or four years ago, DTE, the city, or some cosmic twist of nature – no one knows for sure, apparently – dug a giant rectangular hole on residential Hull Street, covered it up, and then uncovered it again before forgetting about it. Then, a leaky water main filled this hole-of-unknown-origin with water and the feisty residents of the neighborhood did the only logical thing they could think of… they put fish in it.

For about a month, passersby could stroll up to the man-made pond and fish for carp, blue gill, and goldfish.  It wasn’t until the urban fishing hole began gaining media attention, like this story from Fox 2, that the city was even aware of the issue. Shortly after the stories aired, however, the fish were moved and the water pumped from the hole and plans put in motion to fill it.

One resident, Sonia Renee Brown, had this to say about the move:

“They took so much pride in it that they didn’t want to throw the fish back… like much of Detroit, it’s gone to Hootsville.”

The fish have been carted about six miles away from their home and are now living in a backyard tub. The owner is hoping a tank and a pump will be donated to help the fish survive the winter.

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