There’s a fever coming over the city moved by motors and music, and it can only be satisfied by more Cycle Pub. Even if you haven’t stepped foot into the artistry of Detroit reimagined to witness the latest phenomena cruising through the streets at 4-5 MPH with a whole lot of enthusiasm, Detroit Cycle Pub has likely invaded your Snapchat Story, Facebook Feed, and your summer agenda. Sponsored by Kid Rock’s companies, “Made In Detroit” and Bad Ass Beer, this 15-passenger pub is fueled by pedaling, positive energy, and the innate need for Detroiters to party.

Here’s our conversation with owner and operator Nick Blaszczyk.

What is a cycle pub?

“Appearing much like a trolley or cable car, we add a twist– riders provide the horsepower by pedaling this passenger “bike” while enjoying the various sights and attractions of Detroit. We provide the driver, you bring the drinks and snacks aboard to keep the energy high. Throw in some live music, a catered lunch or dinner! We can schedule your group for dinner after the ride if you like!”

DCP OwnersWhy is Detroit the perfect city to take a cycle pub tour?

“Detroit is the perfect city because it has so much growth and life happening everyday. We have been in business since November and everyday we see a new business or building being renovated. When you pedal around the city with your group you literally see the “Re-Birth” of a city.  It is really nice to take the tour in Detroit because you get to experience new parts of the city you may have never seen before.  We stop at places people have never even heard of.”

Where can people expect to visit when they book a tour?

“We work with 15 different bars and restaurants. We do not go to all of them of course in one tour but we tend to stop at three-to-four along the way.  All of our tours start and finish at Punch Bowl Social.  Punch Bowl Social is the perfect start and finish because there is no other bar like Punch Bowl Social in Detroit, just like there is no bike like the Detroit Cycle Pub in Detroit!  Before we take off on a tour,  we ask the group what they are looking for.  Whether it be a dive bar, craft cocktail, fine wine, craft drink or a sports bar we have something for everyone.  If you don’t want to stop at a bar or restaurant we don’t have to! That’s the beauty of the Detroit Cycle Pub… the tour is completely yours!”

What makes Detroit Cycle Pub stand out from the other Cycle Pubs in the city?

“We are the only Cycle Pub in the city! We have partnered with 15 different places to make sure everybody has the best experience possible.  Our partners have worked with us to make sure they have a special for all of our passengers.  Being part of the hardest working city in America we worked hard to make sure our pricing is reasonable and affordable for all.  That’s why we keep our pricing at the lowest possible. Tours are $250 M-Th and $300 Fri-Sun.  The Detroit Cycle Pub holds 15 people, but you only need five to pedal the bike! If you have a full group it is $20 or less a person!”

Why do you love Detroit?

“I don’t think there is enough time for us to write out why we love Detroit.  In a few words, we love this city because after being raised in the city, and grown with the city,  Detroit’s story is a lot like people’s lives. Everybody goes through highs and lows. At the end of the day we all want to be better than the day before and that’s who Detroit is. It’s constantly growing and changing and evolving.”

Where did the idea come from?

“Detroit Cycle Pub was founded by Jody McKenzie.  We were looking for a business to start in the city that could really bring people into the city and show them what Detroit is all about. We have noticed so many people will just come down for a sporting event then leave. So many people have this negative perspective on Detroit and we wanted to show them that it’s more than they think.  Jody actually stumbled upon the idea last July and moved forward immediately. We looked at other bike manufactures but one of the big things for us was being American made.  Other bikes aren’t made in America and to us that was a major turn off. Nothing wrong with those bikes but coming from the automotive capital of the world we wanted to stay with an American made company because we are proud of where we are from.”

Purple Mini CycleWhat’s next for Detroit Cycle Pub?

“We have expanded to Royal Oak with our Mini Cycles. The Mini Cycles are a six-passenger bike that start at Rock On Third. These bikes are perfect for groups who may not have a fun bike or looking to do something different. The pricing is only $100 per bike.  We get all kinds of groups who book these, especially families!  Other than that we have our second bike coming in June and plan on having two more next spring. We are really excited about the growth! You no longer need to say ‘We’ve seen this in other states and they looked so fun,’ now you can join in on the fun right in your own backyard!”

It’s time to get to know your city, and Detroit Cycle Pub is your front row seat. Visit or call (231) 286-5257 to book your reservation.