Detroit keeps gaining more and more attention these days for all the hard work people are putting into the revitalization of a city that was almost written off from the outside.

Its easy to look at Detroit right now and only see the progress and all the new things popping up week after week. This is a big city and what is happening in and around downtown doesn’t exactly paint the most accurate picture of Detroit. There is a great deal of work to do and too many of Detroit’s citizens still live in less then reasonable conditions.

However, it is awesome to see USA Today highlight some of the amazing things to check out here in the city.

From Travel Expert Lois Alter Mark

You know those “That’s a Buick?” commercials where people are shocked by the difference between their outdated perception of the brand and the modern reality? The city of Detroit could have used the same exact campaign for the home of the cars themselves.

See, the “Motor City” is experiencing a revival, making it a highly desirable yet still affordable destination.

Sure, you may be skeptical when you read about these must-visits, thinking, “That’sDetroit?” But when you experience them yourself, there’s no doubt you’ll be exchanging that question mark for an exclamation point.

I like how she mentioned Salt and Cedar and The Detroit Experience Factory. Those are two great places to check out on any exploration of Detroit. She also included Campus Martius, Mexican Town, The Motown Museum, The RenCen, Wright & Company, Z Garage, and of course, Eastern Market.

There are obviously a number of things not included, but its a not a bad start.

USA Today 10 Best Reasons Detroit is Worth a Visit