The Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer is here and from what I can tell, Detroit is going to play host to some pretty great action scenes.

The trailer, first leaked its way to the Internet earlier in the week before the scheduled IMAX screenings this coming Monday. Director Zack Snyder, not one to let a crappy bootleg of his work stand, released a version of the trailer Friday night on Twitter with the hashtags #NotBlurry and #NotPirated.

As everyone has probably already heard, the movie spent several months shooting in Detroit last year and the stars have given our city endless amounts of love. It’s no surprise that there are quite a few shots of Detroit’s “Metropolis”.

The trailer opens on a shot that is clearly Chicago and lingers for a while, but as the action picks up, we can clearly see signs of Detroit. A shot of an explosion surrounding the Batmobile was most likely filmed in Easter Market and there are a few other shots that give off a Motor City vibe.

The movie hits theaters almost a year from now on March 25, 2016. Detroit is rumored to play the role of Superman’s adoptive home “Metropolis.”