Having been to Brooklyn a number of times, and having lived in Detroit for a number of years, I can’t help but to question this video. However, Brooklyn has probably hit its tipping point, and its time to start exporting hipsters.

Yes, my friends pay $1,300 to live in a broom closest connected to a refrigerator, but they earn a pretty decent living considering, and they are surrounded by the 5 boroughs of New York City. People are gonna have to move fast if they want to be an artist, living “for free” in Detroit. It all depends on the level of comfort people are looking for. The video also promises world class food, and if you are trying to live for free, you are not eating at Wright & Co. every night.

Detroit still has plenty of room around the city center, but, again, people will need to start making some moves. I suppose my wish for millenials is that they are not under the impression that Detroit offers the promise of a job. Things are creeping back to baseline, but I wouldn’t be rushing off to Motown on a prayer right now. Opportunities abound, but its not the $5 dollar a day Henry Ford era here in Detroit.

Let’s keep in mind these billboards in NYC are being set up by Katoi, an eatery that will be opening in Corktown soon.

We are curious what you thought? Is this simply satire, or is this a prevalent wind swirling through the streets of Brooklyn’s neighborhoods?

Detroit is not the next Brooklyn, Detroit is the new Detroit.

The video was made by AJ+ which is part of the Al Jazeera Media Network.

Photo Credit: Courtney Henriette