If the fisherman in this video has any imagination, he is probably envisioning something very evil or something completely surprising on the other side of that fog bank. Conjuring up an image that only Stephen King could render.  Call it what you will. Pure Michigan, a wonder of nature, or climate change, this fog bank rolling across Lake Michigan is pretty cool.

Simply, fog is the condensation of the moisture in the air. When cold air cools down to a certain point it can no longer hold water as vapor and little droplets of water form.
In this case a colder body of air moved swiftly across a warmer section of water and formed this wild looking fog bank. That fisherman and anyone who has now seen this video is unlikely to see something so strangely beautiful rolling into shore.

We’d love to see what the folks at Pure Michigan would come up with to have Tim Allen narrate to this clip. You can see some cool still pictures Andrew Ballard took here.