WATCH: How these guys street ski in Detroit is insane

December 9, 2013
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When you think of Detroit you don’t necessarily think of skiing. Snow maybe, but skiing probably not. The people at Poor Boyz Productions have a different idea.

All those abandoned warehouses, schools and buildings are not an eyesore for the extreme skier but uncharted terrain for some street skiing, also called jibbing.

We wanted our audience to see this video that already has more than 16,000 views. Let me be the first one to say I think these are pretty talented folks, but what they’re doing is also extremely dangerous. Those buildings are rickety at best and subject to collapse at any moment.. not to mention the possible issue of trespassing in some cases.. however it does make for a pretty epic ski video.

Let’s not forget that videos like this and all the thousands of videos of skiers dropping risky lines and blasting through chest deep powder are considered porn. The term is ski porn. So it comes as no surprise that Detroit with its seemingly endless supply of derelict buildings drew another sort of porn crew to it’s environs.

The video doesn’t exactly leave you with the warmest notions. It is no secret that Detroit is on some fairly hard times and this approach doesn’t help. A couple shots of the homeless and empty streets and then boom, high flying ski tricks atop a blown out building, but hey, this is entertainment.

I am sure the cast and crew were indeed nervous and probably have every reason to be considering what they were partaking in.

At the end of the day it makes for a good segment of extreme skiing and has a tight soundtrack.

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