Detroit has a wild hip hop scene. Last fall, Noisey, which is the music element of VICE media’s seemingly endless story telling machine, was here in Detroit filming local hip hop artists, and showcasing the crazy landscape in which they operate. One of the main reasons Noisey found their way to Detroit was local artist Dex Osama. The young rapper found himself leading the pack of local talent, but right before the filming, he was gunned down outside of the Crazy Horse strip club, on Detroit’s west side. This video shows the beauty, the tragedy, and the reality of Detroit street music.

The full video will be premiering here in Detroit, this Saturday night at ASSEMBLE SOUND, in Corktown.

Where: 2300 17th St, Detroit, MI 48216

When: Saturday night, 10:00 p.m. est, April 9

Details: Capacity is 200 people so get there early. you can bring your own beer. There will be a discussion following the preview with local producer Maximillian de la Garza, and others.