This video is called “Save Detroit.” The phrase gets tossed around an awful lot. Who is saving Detroit? How to save Detroit? Does Detroit need saving?

We are very aware this video is hyper satirical. Satire has been around a long time, and it is essentially making fun of things to expose the inherent stupidity in a concept, commonly aimed at politics or or some other popular issue.

What do you think?

It was made by a pair of local filmmakers named Steve Foran and Cody Stauber. If you took and audio/visual class in high school, you were most likely tasked with making a quick public service announcement. That’s all this is, a satirical PSA, but it is sure to make some people upset.

We did like the message at the end. I think the point was that what you see in Detroit doesn’t necessarily match up with the idea of a comeback.

“Like what you hear, change what you see.”